štvrtok 16. marca 2017


Do you know that strange feeling...like need of crying, but you can not... you do not even have exact reason...you are just not happy... When someone is fine and something really bad happens, he or she moves to mood I am in. But I somehow move to deep depressions...I know I am not the only one...everything seems to be too complicated, but in fact it is not... it is just how I see it... how my brain can not understand it is all so easy around... and people around too. Once I am too good.... what is too bad...so they need to bully... then others can not stand my personality...things which I love.. anything..just for being myself... and then other group of people look down at me with thoughts I am no good enough..that I just pretent something...even those I considered to  be my friends.. So I was at neurologist, ..what caused again pretty long list of doctors following, and she said my brain does not receive enough blood, less oxygen at all, what causes my total no concentration, slower thinking, slower reactions, difficulty talking that well as before...I somehow feel stupid more and more and.... people giving me kind of support live really far away..so sometimes it feels like in my fantasy.. at least I know i can get over it and I know anything is impossible, because it is usually just about our thinking...I heard positive thinking heals, so I searched..and found really lots of things from youtube videos to websides where psychologists advice good stuff. I know, that it sounds pointless if you feel this way too...but we could make this challenge together...it sounded ridiculous to me too...but sitting and doing nothing is ridiculous in fact too..The point of the challenge is to write down thirty things you love..whatever you love, it can be good weather, kittens, cupcakes, roses, or someone...but it must be something what you love.Write these thirty down, and repeat next day, with thirty different things, they cannot be repeated, follow the steps for thirty days. Your mind shall focus on better things and will make you feel different way ( I hope so, I am starting today.. and I can tell you after thirty days.. or we can compare). And another good advice was to say every morning five things you are greatful for...and think about it... Maybe it boost good vibes during the day. Are you up to this challenge with me? Let´s be happy :) Here are cupcakes I recently made...might they bring some smile, Good Nightyy, xoxox

streda 15. februára 2017

Valentine's day

My day started exactly at 00:00 , because I didn't have time for any sleep... You know those overmotivated teachers thinking we are able to do everything like Superman or Batman... So i am Batman today, I just don't sleep, and I dont really feel like that anymore honestly. Well as many people do, I was going through more of social pages and i saw posts looking like : " Who is going to be alone on Valentine? " Last year i had a boyfriend, the Valentine's day was our anniversary day, but I din't really enjoy that day... And even the rest of those days ... Just manipulation at all and i felt like in prison. Are you familiar with that feeling? So i decided to be with my family this year... Not alone... But, that 's not what i wanted to share with you... This valentine is special because i am going to spend part of it with my teddy. Not that one from shops.. More special... More worth and impossible to buy for money.. I just found interesting friend, living miles away from me...total introvert... And I found the magic in the hidden secret garden... Introverts are lovely surprise never recognisable for the first time... Teddy ( lets call the friend like that ) was my support in the worst, was helping me during the hard times and was big sister to me all the time. Teddy helped me to see things in different way that i used to. So I wanted to say that it is totally okay to be "alone" on the Valentine's day and enjoy the freedom we have... We are never absolutely alone...all we need to do is to open our eyes and look around, because some wish they had what we have.. This day was also my worst Valentine's day.. You know I am getting fives from math since the day I changed school and had 4 private teachers for math already.. I have no clue what to do. Today was the shocking day of another unexpected one...so I just cried and even though i was trying to fight with myself it didn't really work... So to all facebook users making those very"funny" pictures , yes i spent my Valentine totally "alone" without sweets, flowers etc. And I am pretty fine already because this day is almost over! And for you, who had similar day like me ....chin up and smile , friday is getting closer and closer :) . I wasn't able to bake my cupcakes ... So I did absolutely normal photo which is not interesting at all and i wear no make up to stare at... Just simple beggy fluffy sweatshirt... Plain one... Just like the whole day and brief smile for tomorrow :) By the way , few days ago I made healthy cupcakes... So i am adding photos of those, because try for unhealthy sweet ones totally failed today, so getting fat starts tomorrow. And how did you enjoy today? Goodnight to all , xoxo

pondelok 15. augusta 2016

Natalia Fashion #2

a Nameday surprise

Hello again sweethearts :) Do you remember Natalia Fashion-shop that I was writing about a year ago? Well I wasn´t here whole year, so you can find it very easily. I will not describe the shop, everything is mentioned in the previous article about Natalia Fashion. I have to admit that I haven´t shopped there since that time I posted the article,  just because I was spending too much money with friends and on shopping with mom, you know that probably. This time is going to be my nameday but i spent too much again. No, honestly when I was younger I was very responsible and never wasted my money I earned, I have no idea what has happened with that. By the way they shared another giveaway on their page and I totally fell in love with those sweatshirts. This is new for me but I started adoring stuff with golden things, it looks really adorable. The problem was that too many people were interested and I knew ( as I am the really "lucky" in giveaways ) that I will win nothing, so I wrote to Natalia Fashion´s admins a question, where I asked details about sweatshirt and how many pieces were available. I was quite sad when the answer was just three pieces of the colour I wanted, because I knew everything is sold out very quickly. So I asked again. And my question was where is possible to shop these sweatshirts instead of this shop if they are not available anymore. The answer really surprised me. The girl asked if I still do have my blog and told that my pictures last time were very pretty and if I could take another ones with the new sweatshirt, they can send it to me, what I am very very happy for, because this never happened to me before. Yaay I am so so happy :) . The sweatshirt came and looked much better than on the photo. The gold lines have pattern - there are very little dots, that look super cute and it wasn´t possible to see them on the photo. We decided to go to Bratislava  - Eurovea, to take some photos there, near the water or just to change surrounding. Finally my whole family went with me to take photos what was very funny, because from one photoshoot was cinema, café, shopping, bubbleology and kids house for my sisters. And here are those photos :) My mom and little sisters helped me, because my brother could not, but I think the results are nice anyway. Has someone ever surprise you with something you absolutly did not even imagine? Tell me about it :)

piatok 12. augusta 2016

What was going on?

Okay, the first question you ask is where have I been whole year without mentioning anything. It 's too complicated. I can assure you that everything is okay, i had just some problems at school, which i am changing this year to have good friends around me :) . Many things have happened. I came through plethora hair colours, changed my style, had a boyfriend who i broke up with, visited hospitals, psychologist... And now to good things :) i started doing excercises again and am visiting a fitness center ( by the way i can see the first results and am super excited, you should try that too :) ), met my new schoolmates who are very cute and friendly, we were soaking wet and were dancing in that rain , singing our new song "It is raining hey hou :) ! " Than i attended a talentshow (not a tv one) and i was third with the song Break free by Ariana Grande. I haven't succeeded in the first talentshow, i was ill and lost my voice. And at home :) we had kittens :) two times.. 7 kittens at home :D that's a lot, isn't it? There are many things i could tell you about, but you would be reading till morning, so we rather stay where we are. What is new for you :) ? Tell me about it :) anything similar? Oh and looots  of shopping :) I am looking forward for my good habbits and continuing my writting here! :)

štvrtok 11. augusta 2016

My bottle , good or not?

I bought this one, because i like the design and description was perfect- material used there is the same as the one used for bottles for babies. It costed me around 15€ and after two weeks were the letters disappearing. The next thing is that my pocked for it is usually a little wet. But i don't regret anyway , because i can make fresh tea there, the temperature doesn't matter, the bottle is made to be okay with high temperatures. And i take it everywhere with me :) . My mom always makes fun of me, that i am like a babygirl- always with my bottle :) . We have many kinds of fruit in our garden and my favorite are strawberries with rasberries. Take few of them, nearly half of the bottle, banana, vanila ice cream, vanila sugar and add cold milk. Mix that altogether and you 've got perfect smoothie in summer, which i totally love. And this bottle is good for this, it stays cool longer time :) try and let me know how you like it :)

štvrtok 5. novembra 2015

Natalia Fashion

Každé dievča sa nejakým spôsobom stará o svoj vzhľad, nezáleží na tom, či rado nakupuje alebo nie. Mnoho z vás nevie, kde vyhľadávať pekné kúsky za dobré ceny, tým myslím niečo, čo vám neurobí pekný škrt cez rozpočet a viem, že veľa z vás vie presne o čom hovorím. Nedávno som objavila krásny módny internetový obchodík, náhodne cez sociálnu sieť facebook. Ich produkty ma skutočne oslovili a predstavte si, že nielen že predávajú nádherné kúsky za dobré ceny, robia aj pravidelné súťaže o tričká, kabáty, doplnky...
Niečo o obchodíku:
Natalia Fashion je internetový obchodík , založený v roku 2012. Neviete ho nájsť ešte na jeho vlastnej stránke, ale administrátorky prezradili, že už nová stránka čaká len na konečné grafické úpravy, takže tam čoskoro môžete nakupovať. Pokiaľ máte akékoľvek otázky, rady vámich zodpovedia, či už ide o základné otázky na oblečenie alebo konkrétne miery. Pokiaľ nemáte rady internetovú platbu, balíček k vám pricestuje na dobierku. Nájdete ich na FB stránke: Natalia Fashion, ale možno ich kontaktovať aj emailom tu : nataliafashionshop@gmail.com

Čo som si kúpila?
Hľadala som mikiny s textúrou s jemným nádychom vintage štýlu. Ako som už spomínala aj v mojom liste želaní, obľúbila som si žlté veselé postavičky, známe ako mimoni a náhodne som našla túto šikovnú mikinku. Vecička mi prišla do troch dní, a vyzerala omnoho krajšie ako na fotografií. Nebojte sa, nejde o čínske výrobky. Toto potešenie do obchodíku zavítalo až zo samotného Talianska, kde si na móde a kvalite výrobkov veľmi potrpia.

Pokiaľ ste vyberavé, nie je čo riešiť a treba zavítať do nového nákupného sveta a ak nie nakupovať, tak skúsiť šťastie a vyhrať nejaké to prekvapenie. 
Every girl takes care about her appearance, o matter if she loves shopping or not. Many of you do not know where to buy cool stuff for appropriate price , and i am sure you know what I am talking about. I just discovered one pretty cool internet shop via social page facebook. Their products made great effect on me and imagine, they also make give aways regularly! You can win there t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, jewelery...
Something about shop:
Natalia Fashion, internet fashion shop, was created in 2012, but it still has no it owns page on web, just on facebok. Administrators assured me, that their own page is in making progress and you can shop there soon. If you have any questions, they are very nie and answer on every message, no matter if it´s to shop or to clothes , so you also don´t need to wory that you would choose wrong size. You can find them at facebook : Natalia Fashion, or contact them via email:
What I bought?
I was looking for sweatshirts with textures with quite vintage style, and as I mentioned in my wishlist, I fell in love with happy yellow creatures, called minions. To be honest I found this one just randomly. The sweatshirt came to me after folowing days, very quickly, so you can really rely on personal. Do not wory, they do not sell grotty products . My sweatshirt is from Italy with really god quality, personally I like it more than on the photo I saw on the internet. If you love cool stuff and wanna get it for cheaper price, you should visit this shop, and I a sure I will shop there soon again. And now to some photos of their products , enjoy! 

This gonna be on my wishlist

sobota 24. októbra 2015

Have you ever tried gel nails?

Ahojte! Pamätáte si ako som zľahka spomínala niečo o gélových nechtoch? A teraz som ich konečne skúsila po prvý krát! Veľmi sa z nich teším, i keď sa mi to prvé dva dni nepozdávalo. Myslela som si, že tie moje nechty musia byť asi nekvalitné, pretože som cítila stále niečo ťažké na povrchu a bolo to veľmi nepríjemné. No našťastie ako som spomínala, netrvalo to dlho. Keď som si ich nechávala robiť, vládla tam pokojná, relaxačná atmosféra. Slečna sa ma pýtala na každý krok postupne, aby si overila či sa mi jej práca páči alebo nie. Keď mám byť úprimná, nemala som žiadnu predstavu o tom, ako by to celé malo vyzerať, no vedela som, že budú jednoduchšie a na jednom z nich bude kraľovať banánik. Ostatné nechty sú zdobené kryštálikmi, ktoré na svetle odrážajú rôzne farby. S výsledkom som nadmerne spokojná a už rozmýšľam nad novým vzorom, dokonale doplňujúcim moje outfity. A teraz k porovnávaniu! Milujem laky na nechty, ale ako iste viete, pri umývaní riadu sa rýchlo lak z nechtu ošúcha po pár dňoch. Toto je napríklad výhoda gélových nechtov. Vydržia približne 5 týždňov, nelámu sa a ostávajú stále pekné. Aby som nevychvaľovala stále len gélové nechty, tak poviem aj nevýhodu. Pokiaľ si nezvolíte správny vzor a farbu, nemusí vám to ladiť s oblečením a neviete ich žiadnym spôsobom odlakovať, takže na toto pozor. A čo vy? Dávate si spraviť gélové nechty alebo preferujete laky? Dúfam, že sa vám páčil článok a teším sa na vaše reakcie!
Xoxo, Becky
Kontakt na nechty:
 0915 477 574

Hey guys! Do you remember me saying something about gel nails? Now I have them done for the first time! I am grossly delighted about it even though I didn´t like them from the first, I guess just for two days. I just thought my gel nails were grotty, because I could feel something heavy on them and it was very unpleasant, but as said, it didn´t drag on. There was quite nice and relaxing atmosphere when the girl was doing my nails. She was asking me on every step, if I wanted it like that or no. To be honest, I hadn´t have a clear picture about my nails before I went there. All I knew was that I need to have there a picture of banana and I like the result. I decided to have ombre gel nails- pink and white, with little crystals on the top. And now to comparing! I really like nail polishes, but when you do washing up, pattern on your nails is damagged very soon. This is the advantage of having gel nails. The nails are not breaking and they are gorgeous approximately for 5 weeks. On the other hand, if you choose bad colour or pattern, it won´t look well with some clothes from your wardrobe and you can´t do anything about it. I hope you enjoyed this shorter article. Do you also wear gel nails or do you prefer nail polishes? I am looking forward for yor answers and wish you great day!
Xoxo, Becky